Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Women’s Network Programs 2009 ~ 2010

SEPTEMBER -- Dr. Jean Warner

Oklahoma Women's Coalition, OKC

When: Thursday, September 17, 7 P.M.

Where: Library

OCTOBER -- Panel Discussion: Health and Fitness Over 50

Mike Bass, Wellness Center, Jane Phillips Hospital; Kimberly Carpenter, Blue Sky Therapy; Leah Thompson, Extreme Fitness; Charles Colaw, Body by Colaw

When: Thursday, October 22, 12 Noon

Where: Library

NOVEMBER -- Dr. John Hatchett

The Status of Palliative Care

When: Thursday, November 19, 12 Noon

Where: Library

DECEMBER -- Holiday Party

Rhonda Redden’s Jazz Band

When: Friday, December 18, 6 P.M.

Where: Women’s Club Building

JANUARY -- Movie(s)

When: Third Sundays at 2:00, January 21

Where: Joan Dreisker's

FEBRUARY -- Dixie Clayborne and Laurie Paulson

Changes in Child Welfare in Washington County

When: Thursday, February 18, 12 Noon

Where: Library

MARCH -- Frosty Troy

Women's History Month -- How Far Have We Come?

History Maker Award

When: Thursday, March 25, 7 P.M.

Where: Bartlesville Area History Museum

APRIL -- Kelli Williams

The Future of Print Media

When: Thursday, April 15, 12 Noon

Where: Mutual Girls Club

MAY -- Annual Meeting Potluck

When: Thursday, May 20, 6 P.M.

Where: Joan Dreisker's